Grow with me leggings

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Available in any suitable fabric found on the website or social media or plain solid colours, just leave a note at checkout

These adorable pants are a revolution for parents!! 

We all know how fast our little ones grow, so we are constantly buying more clothes!  These super trendy pants will save your purse aswell as your sanity! 

They are designed to grow with your little one!! 

Available in 3 sizes:  3mths-12mths, 1year-3years and 3years-6years.

As your little one grows just adjust the waist cuff and leg cuff to fit! How easy is that!! The fit on the smaller end of the sizing range is quite relaxed but as they grow fit more like leggings.

These adorable pants will look amazing on your little princess OR prince!! That's right they are UNISEX!