love spell

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How amazing do these beauties look!

These are scented in midnight opium. Colours will vary.. 

They are so much fun to play with in the bath, watch as the cauldron bubbles like witches brew, the kids will be so exciting to add this their baths as will the adults.

Keep the cauldron and fill with bath dust to experience over and over again!

Not recommended for under 3s

Our bath bombs are all handmade which means that they will never be the same, making them totally unique. So much love and attention goes into making these lil beauties, but you may still experience some crumbling around the edges, and slight cracking, this is totally normal and will not effect the overall use or performance of the bathbomb.

Place in water, preferably hot for best performance and sit back an relax an watch the colour show, please dnt touch the bathbomb while it's working its magic as it can cause slight staining, it will wash off in the tub though.